A Tour Through Pinuyo (VI): Participles

Nominal (present participle)


The person (or thing) singing;
(the singer)

The (person or) thing being sung;
(the song)


The person (or thing) being sung to;
(the "recipient")

The person or thing being sung about;
(the song topic)

Nominal (past participle)


The person (or thing) having sung

The (person or) thing having been sung


The person (or thing) having been sung to

The person or thing having been sung about

Adjectival (present participle)



A book (telling) about war.


I see my father working in the shed.


being sung

the book that is (being) given to me


being sung to

the child being sung to about the hero


being sung about

The war mentioned (=told about) in this book.

Adjectival (past participle)


having sung


having been sung


having been sung to


having been sung about


Adverbial (manner)



He read smiling(ly).


being sung


being sung to


being sung about


Nominal (gerund)


the (act of) singing

Working in the garden doesn't fit you.


the (act of) having sung


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