A Tour Through Pinuyo (IV): Joining Sentences II

The reflexive is identical to the appositive. we we shave ourselves

We shave ourselves.

see they them themselves

They see themselves.

The reciprocal is formed by joining two words with two crossing lines. shave we each other we

We shave each other.

see they them each other

They see each other.

Identity (A is B) is expressed with three lines.  

This woman is my mother.

Set membership (A is a specimen of B).

All elephants are animals.

René is a human being.


The conjunction and, used on constituent-level. obtain and I water bread

I obtain bread and water.

bread and water

Bread and water.

The conjunction and can also be used on sentence level.  

Bobo reads and understands.

The meaning of and can also be obtained by putting several logograms in one box.

A big green house.

Bobo reads and understands.

In the case where there are several nouns in one box, these need to be put in an extended noun box.  

Give the people bread and games.

The conjunction or, which can also be used both on sentence-level and on constituent-level.

Bread or water.

Bread or water.

Or used to ask for which alternative.

Do you want bread or water?

Do you want bread or water?


Shall we stay or shall we leave?


We, except Bobo.

He has broken into our house without stealing anything.


You are looking but you are not listening.


A book about war.

And then.  

I'll shave and then I'll leave.


I won't go to church because I'm ill.

So that. Note the use of the subjunctive mood.

I am writing a book about the Dutch language so that you may learn it.

Resultative (Dutch: bepaling van gesteldheid).

All men are born equal.

He is painting the door green.


He was elected president.

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