Pinuyo text for relay 16

This page has been slightly reformatted compared to the torch sent to Alex Fink.

The full details of the relay can be found at FrathWiki.

The text

this fact cause all people act responsability compassionate all people feeling morals cause souls all title feeling morals (identical to) (identical to) (reciprocally) all people
all people souls act compassionate responsability determinedly few people but oh surprise! feel doubts about feeling morals because of vitality and needs try


 noun  doubt
 noun morals, morality
 noun need
 noun person
 noun responsability
 noun soul
 noun title
 noun vitality
+  plural marker
 verb act
 verb cause
 verb feel
 verb try
 adjective  compassionate
 adjective determined
 adjective surprised
 numeral all
 numeral few

Grammar: boxes and connectors

noun box (nominative; accusative)
noun box (genitive) (orientation does not matter, but the tip points to the possessed noun)
noun box (instrumental)
compound noun (as if all logograms had been joined with "and")
compound noun or embedded clause
verb box (aorist tense, used for general truths etc.)
verb box (auxiliary) (orientation does not matter)
present participle as adjective; (Esperanto's -anta)
verbal noun/gerund
adjective/numeral box
discursive (adverb)
adverb of manner
simple connector (used in case there is not enough space to connect boxes directly)

apposition (identity)
but, however (orientation does not matter)
because/therefore (can be orientated differently, but always points from reason to consequence)

Grammar: misc

  • In general, it is irrelevant at which side boxes touch each other,
    except for expressing cases (roles of verbs):
    • The nominative is expressed by making the noun (or noun phrase) touch the verb (or participle, or gerund) box on its top side.
    • The accusative is expressed by making the noun (or noun phrase) touch the verb (or participle, or gerund) box on its bottom side.
  • Pinuyo is pro-drop: the subject of a verb may be omitted.
  • In general, the orientation of boxes is important, unless noted otherwise in the box overview.
  • An apposition can touch an empty noun box. In this case, the empty box is considered to contain the same logogram.
  • Auxiliaries touch their main verbs as adverbs would and are never conjugated.

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Relay 16

Author: René Uittenbogaard.