language Pinuyo identical to being written


Version 1.13.8

These pages describe the written language Pinuyo.

Pinuyo is a decorative writing system used by the cúsibe on the planet Caléntuy, influenced by contact with several cultures on other planets. Due to (sparse) contact with the humans on Earth, some influence of human culture is also visible in the language.

Hint: in the examples, you can move your mouse over the logograms to see their meaning displayed in a tooltip.

Take a Tour I: Word Types
Take a Tour II: Building Sentences
Take a Tour III: Joining Sentences I
Take a Tour IV: Joining Sentences II
Take a Tour V: Verb Tense, Aspect and Mood
Take a Tour VI: Participles
Alphabet (Pronunciation hints)
The Babel text
A thank you to Helmi
Relay 16

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Eric Culver for providing me with valuable input and comments,
which gave Pinuyo's development an enormous boost.

Author: René Uittenbogaard.